Potato Peeler Repairs

Potato peeler repairs have become a vital part of our business.  We offer our clients a convenient but affordable service .

In any fish and chips or other fast food store that sell a lot of fresh cut potato chips to the public, the potato peeler gets used extensively on a daily basis. What many owners don’t realize, is that a worn out or broken potato peeler can easily increase your electricity bill.  It can also damage your potatoes or even increase the food preparation time in your store. If your potato peeler gets used on a daily basis, we suggest that you have the lining done (serviced) every 6-8 months. That’s where we come in by offering you a superb service.

We do offer our clients a loan unit should they need one. That said, we strongly recommend to any store to have a back-up peeler in times of need. There are many stores that heavily rely on peeling potatoes, so for them its a must. Should your peeler break and we cant immediately assist you, we suggest that your staff peel potatoes by hand.

Hand held potato peelers can be purchase at any supermarkets around the country.

Lining a peeler takes 3-4 working days. We do two layers of grit. Be patient, you don’t want to rush this process.

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Taking care of your Potato Peeler

TIP: 1Cleaning

Clean your peeler daily. This is the most common mistake people make, they don’t clean their peeler regularly.

TIP: 2Waste

Take the inside disk out and remove all the waste. Whats important is that the inside disk and rubber seal are dry before you put it back inside.

TIP: 3Overload

Don’t overload your peeler. By overloading your peeler you will damage your motor.

Please be aware that we only render this service to Gauteng and surrounding areas. Should you be well outside our delivery area, you can courier your peeler to us.

For more information on our services pleases contact us.