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CHIP WHITE comes packed in 1kg packs.

Potato whitener is a chemical solution that the food industry uses to keep peeled potatoes looking fresh and white. This solution, made up of sodium bisulfite and citric acid, helps prevent oxidation that causes potatoes to brown.

When potatoes are peeled, they are exposed to air, which triggers an enzymatic reaction that leads to browning. Potato whitener can prevent this process, maintaining the white color of the potatoes. To use, the solution is added to the water where the potatoes are soaked before being cut into fries or chips. The potatoes are then drained and fried as usual.

It’s important to note that using potato whitener has risks. Some people may be sensitive to the solution’s fumes, which can irritate the eyes and respiratory system. Long-term exposure to the chemicals in potato whitener may increase the risk of certain health problems.

Many food establishments have stopped using potato whitener in recent years due to safety and health concerns. Instead, they use natural alternatives such as lemon juice or vinegar to prevent browning.

However, some food industry professionals continue to use potato whitener to maintain consistency in their products. They argue that the solution is safe when used properly and in small quantities. They also believe that the benefits of using potato whitener outweigh the risks.

To conclude, potato whitener is a chemical solution that prevents potatoes from browning. While effective, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks associated with its use. If you decide to use potato whitener, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take necessary safety precautions. Ultimately, the decision to use potato whitener or natural alternatives depends on personal preferences and business needs.