Because we purchase Goldi chicken schnitzel in bulk, we can offer our clients the best prices possible.

These chicken patties come in 1 x 4kg packs and is neatly packaged. Product can be fried, grilled or oven baked as instructions on the packaging. Crumbed chicken schnitzel

You can order this product by following these simple steps.

Product specs:
Product Code: 49022
Unit Barcode:
Case Barcode: 1 600 1342 49022 2
Tare Mass (RDW): 4 kg (1 kg x 4) Kg
Should you require a sales representative for more information on our products you are more than welcome to request one. Sales reps will come out to your premises to see how they can best assist you and your business needs. The idea behind buying in bulk or at a one stop shop should be every business owners first priority. The less time one spends running around for stock, the more time one can spend in store.
This product sells well at fast food outlets, restaurants and school canteens but can also be used for home cooking. At Bulkmart we sell these products in bulk at most affordable prices. Because we don’t just sell meat products and can supply the whole basket our prices to customers are best.