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Because Meat Mania small Vienna hygienically vacuum packed it ensures freshness and great taste. This particular small Vienna or also called small Russian is sourced and made of only the best cuts of meat and complimented by a secret spice and herb recipe. We supply this product in a 1kg pack and Russians are packed 20 per pack. Needs to be chilled at all times but can be frozen. Russians are smoked.

This Meat Mania sausage is very popular at your local Fish and chips shops. The product works well at Chesanyamas, old age home, local supermarket. It sells particularly good at Take always, school canteen, restaurant, event, old age home or any other market really.

Meat Mania offers this high quality small Vienna at an affordable price. Meat Mania opened it’s doors to the public in 1996 and is a family run business. They have three generations of passionate food lovers, who strive to give our clients only the best in high quality processed meat products.

We are proud Meat Mania agents and will offer our clients the very best service to get this Meat Mania small Vienna to you. We also offer clients that don’t have a business the opportunity to walk in and purchase their favorite sausages directly from our premises. Another one of many reasons that makes this product great is that it has a fantastic casing. The casing is of such nature that it can withstand high frying temperatures and wont immediately burst in the fryers.

All products are produced to the highest standard and made onsite. The state-of-the-art facility is fitted with the latest technology and equipment. This allows Meat Mania the freedom of expression when creating their mouth-watering recipes and great flexibility in the products they offer.

This is a value for money offering for sure and will not disappoint. If you are in Pretoria, we are your ”Meat Mania near me”. We are proud Meat Mania suppliers.